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5 Common Myths About Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss

We hear a lot of myths and misconceptions concerning hearing aids and hearing loss overall from our patients who visit Hearing Associates of Las Vegas. Some of these myths are silly, others are sad, but what they all have in common is that they are completely incorrect! Below are the top 5 most common myths we’ve been told about hearing aids and hearing loss.

Myth #1: Hearing Aids Will Only Help A Little Bit With Hearing Loss

Those with limited exposure to proper hearing aid help may think that hearing aids are a kind of band-aid when it comes to hearing loss — slightly useful but not a significant help. That is completely not the case!

Hearing aid technology has considerably advanced over the last decade to the point where even those suffering from profound hearing loss can have 70%-90% of their hearing restored with hearing aids and proper hearing rehabilitation.

Myth #2: There Is Only One Type Of Hearing Aid

Maybe 50 years ago! There are far more options now when you need hearing aids. Bulky hearing aids are a thing of the past. With current innovations in hearing aid technology have come many changes to what you’d think of as the typical hearing aid. Many hearing aids are so slim and sleek, they’re nearly invisible. Certain models are designed to fit snugly inside your ear so friends, family, and coworkers wouldn’t even know they’re there. The look of the hearing aid has evolved, as well as their tech capabilities. Many hearing aids are now more fine-tunable, pair with devices like your tv and cell phone, and more.

Our hearing specialists know that hearing aids aren’t one-size-fits-all, so they will work with you to make sure you receive the right hearing aid that fits your lifestyle.

Myth #3: Hearing Aids Are Uncomfortable

Having new patients come in and talk about their uncomfortable hearing aids breaks our hearts. We spend a good deal of time with our patients to make sure their hearing aids are a perfect fit but we know not all hearing specialists take the same care that we do.

Your hearing aids should never be uncomfortable. Be open with us as we help you select the right hearing aids and we will make sure you leave happy with what you’ve chosen. If you find that the fit or comfort of your hearing aids changes at any point, our specialists are more than happy to help adjust your hearing aids back to perfection.

Myth #4: Hearing Aids Are For Senior Citizens

While it is true that seniors are on average more affected by hearing loss, we have patients of all ages who are dealing with hearing loss. There is no set age barrier where hearing loss does not happen. So while we understand that it can be hard to accept, hearing loss can occur at any age.

If having visible hearing aids or other side effects are deterring you from receiving help, let us speak with you! Hearing loss, whether due to genetics or other factors, is incredibly common and we have worked with many people to help them go about their daily lives with no indication to others that they have struggled with hearing loss.

Myth #5: Hearing Loss Affects Only One Aspect Of Daily Life

Many people try to just “deal with it” when it comes to their hearing loss and think it doesn’t really affect their day-to-day lives. But when hearing loss is not managed, there can be severe side effects:

  • Isolation – People with unmanaged hearing loss will begin to feel isolated from their friends and family as they cannot communicate as effectively with them anymore.
  • Accidents – From riding a bike to driving a car, our hearing is vital for avoiding dangerous incidents. If someone is unable to hear the tenor of their surroundings, they may miss vital audible clues.
  • Communication – Hearing loss can affect how well our brain understands sound. Those dealing with moderate to profound hearing loss may lose their ability to pronounce words correctly or respond appropriately to verbal communication.

Fact: Hearing Associates of Las Vegas Can Significantly Improve Your Quality of Life With Proper Hearing Rehabilitation

Our hearing specialists take every step necessary to make sure our patients are comfortable, well educated, and confident with their hearing loss treatment. We spend quality time at each appointment discussing questions and concerns, as well as instructing our patients how to best utilize their listening device. With the advancements in hearing aid technology we’ve seen over the past few years, we’re careful to teach our patients just how incredible their hearing aids are so that no opportunity for better living is missed.

If you’re considering purchasing hearing aids for yourself or a loved one, finances may sometimes get in the way. At Hearing Associates of Las Vegas, we are happy to customize a payment arrangement that suits a fixed income or other limited financial situation.

You don’t have to let these myths or any others concerns keep you from improving your hearing. We have offices in Henderson and Las Vegas to help you manage your hearing loss symptoms. Contact us today to make an appointment and regain control of your hearing!