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Dr. Dale Talks About His Hearing Aids

Dr. Dale Carrison is an emergency room physician at the University Medical Center in Las Vegas and a hearing aid patient in our Summerlin office. His background  makes for a great read: struggled at school, found discipline in the Navy, worked in law enforcement, joined the family auto parts business  Read More »

Hearing Aids Save Lives

Dr. Dale Carrison is an emergency room physician at The University Medical Center here in Las Vegas. After serving in the Navy, a stint in law enforcement and working in the family business, Dale Carrison decided to go to medical school. The community of Las Vegas is better off for  Read More »

Dr. Dale Talks about Hearing his Grandchildren

Spending time with grandchildren is one of life’s greatest gifts. For many its difficult to hear and understand what they are saying. In this video, Dr. Dale Carrison talks abouthearing his grandchildren and why it is important for him.

An American Hero: Sully de Fontaine

Today we reflect. First, as it is the 73rd anniversary of the Invasion of Normandy. It’s hard not to think of the brave men that stormed the beaches of France to push back the advance of the Nazis. What a different word it would be were it not for their  Read More »