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Good old peace and quiet. It can be hard to find today when we’re surrounded by smart phones, traffic, lawnmowers, and loudspeakers that interrupt previously peaceful moments. Quiet moments are out there but maybe just a little harder to find. People with chronic tinnitus may have forgotten what peace and quiet feels like.

Tinnitus sufferers live with the ongoing perception of noises in their ears or heads. The noises are described as ringing, buzzing, chirping, humming, clicking or tweeting. But the noises are unique to each person and not usually detectable by outsiders. That can make living with tinnitus:

  • Hard to explain to others or convince them it’s happening
  • Make you feel like you might be going crazy
  • Hopeless thinking you just have to live with it

You are not going crazy and you are not alone. Just because others don’t believe or hear it doesn’t mean it’s not real to you. Tinnitus is a very common condition, experienced by 45 million Americans. An underlying symptom of other health conditions — most frequently hearing loss — most people learn to live with tinnitus and adapt to the constant noises in their heads. For as many as 2 million people, the ringing is so intense it inhibits them from leading normal lives.

Fortunately, many tinnitus treatment options exist. You can find tinnitus relief now. We have a record of delivering effective tinnitus treatment plans. With a range of options for treating the condition, we’ll examine you and help you find the treatment that will work best to relieve your tinnitus. Call Hearing Associates of Las Vegas today, we can help you find those peaceful moments again.