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Local Veteran Receives Gift of Hearing

Hearing aids change the lives of thousands of Americans annually. Those who take the leap into wearing hearing devices realize the extent of all they’ve been missing once they try them out. We meet people regularly who have been leery of trying hearing devices for one reason or another. Through our Hear for the Holidays campaign, we met one such gentleman who sticks out because of the profound impact his new hearing devices have had on his life. He was fitted with a pair of donated devices and has never looked back.

When we first met retired vet Kurt Richter, he was complaining of missing everyday conversations and not being able to follow friends’ jokes when out together. He felt embarrassed and depressed, and more and more socially isolated as he fell out of communication circles. He really had little inclination to interact socially anymore and believed life would only be declining more as his hearing declined. At his income level, purchasing hearing aids would never be an option. But when the Shine Family Foundation introduced us to Kurt, he jumped at the opportunity.

Local veteran receives gift of hearing from Hearing Associates of Las Vegas and the Shine Foundation.Richter was fitted with the Siemens Premium Micon 701’s.  Immediately, his face lit up when I turned them on. He couldn’t stop grinning as he listed all of the things he immediately heard that he’d been missing. He heard whispering across the room, normal television volumes, conversations in noisy bars.

Kurt transitioned quickly to hearing easily again. He claims the devices offer a very natural feeling and they’re simple to operate. He says, “If you can get them [hearing aids], they will change your world.”

Kurt is so happy to have his life back again, hearing family and friends in all situations. He keeps active with walking every day.  He loves to hear the birds, the traffic, and all of the sounds that make him feel alive again.

When we fit Kurt with hearing devices, all of the staff was grinning from ear to ear.  Seeing the impact of helping a veteran, we plan to make the Hear for the Holidays event an annual tradition at Hearing Associates of Las Vegas.