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Grateful to actually be a part of the conversation again.

I absolutely love my hearing aids. They have given me back that part of my life. It’s wonderful to once again be able to take my wife to dinner at a public restaurant and enjoy a conversation with her. Or to be at a family dinner and actually be part of the conversation – not just sit there and watch everyone talk to each other having no idea what is being said by anyone. Before, the little bit I could hear was being drowned out by background noise.

People do not realize how much the ability to hear impacts all aspects of your life until you realize you’ve lost it or a good portion of it. Also how frustrating it is to have to continually ask people to repeat themselves to you all day, every day. The technology incorporated in the hearing aids today was unheard of even a few years ago. Each of my hearing aids is programmed to compensate for the specific hearing loss in each of my ears. Plus they have two separate programs that I can alternate between and control the volume for each program. Lastly, they fit comfortably in your ears and are all but invisible.

Billy B. in Las Vegas, NV