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I became aware how hard my husband struggles to hear

The first time I met Robyn was about 2007 when my husband saw an ad in the paper that said a session in the booth was free—in order to have peace in the family my husband called for a session (he had hearing aides from another place that he hated and that he avoided wearing since retirement). He was told to bring his wife. That was the beginning of a great working relationship with Robyn who now has her own business, Hearing Associates. The inclusion of spouses in the diagnosis portion of the testing was so powerful for us: my husband became aware of how severe his hearing loss is and I became aware of how hard he struggles to hear. Almost like good marriage counseling!

Now, both of us have hearing aides—Robyn does more than that though—it is the constant service and attention to detail that makes hearing aides truly work for people like us and once you buy from Robyn, all that comes with the order! For years!

We recommend Robyn to all our friends—even though for us it is quite a drive, we would drive further—this is the place to come for the best hearing aide service in Vegas!

And yes, believe it or not, a session in the booth to test your hearing is free!

– Joan G in Las Vegas, NV