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I know there are many others like me out there.

I recently decided to seek some sort of relief for my tinnitus after 40+ years of suffering with it. My radically high-pitched ringing left ear is the result of heavy exposure to firearms, explosives, the front row of hundreds of concerts, a 10yr stint as a stagehand, working on Harley motors and tuning by ear, sub-zero temps, and a few other things that have played hell with my ears. I was directed toward Hearing Associates and went to meet with them for an initial consultation.

My phone calls to set my appointments were with Miranda who was very helpful with my initial appointment and re-scheduled appointment when I couldn’t make the first. When I arrived I was greeted by Lionel who has an instantly welcoming smile and demeanor. He led me into the office which is beautiful. I felt very at ease, comfortable, and was treated like a friend. I met with Robyn and in a very short time felt that she sincerely wanted to help with my problem. She is very comforting, reassuring, and knowledgeable. I just finished my second visit and got the opportunity to meet Miranda in person as well as Celeste who is also part of the team. Both very friendly! This visit consisted of testing and a demo of a device suited for me.

I will say this: after meeting with Robyn and her team, exploring some options available to me, and a couple consultations later, I finally have a feeling of reassurance that there are in fact ways to help me deal with this problem. I do highly recommend exploring the options available out there, and if you have not met with a specialist, I also highly recommend Hearing Associates. They offer a sense of hope that I, a true sufferer of a hideous ailment, am extraordinarily happy to have found.

Riese F. -Las Vegas