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Making a great decision

Several years ago I made a great decision to leave another hearing center from which I had purchased my first hearing aids. I was very fortunate to find Hearing Specialist Robyn Edgson of Hearing Associates of Las Vegas for several reasons. When I made my first appointment they asked me to have my spouse come with me. During the testing procedure my spouse was able to truly understand my frustration with hearing. As a result of testing, she for the first time acquired empathy for my hearing loss. Also, she let me try different hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers, giving me the freedom to make the best possible choice for my hearing needs. The office staff has always been easily accommodating for me when I needed an appointment for a follow up or a maintenance visit. The Specialists at Hearing Associates made certain that my aids were fitted properly and adjusted for my specific hearing loss. Today’s digital hearing aids require advanced technological knowledge. For this reason I continue to choose Hearing Associates for my hearing loss needs. They consistently acquire knowledge of the very latest advances within the field of advanced digital technology.

When I purchased my present hearing aids I was given a generous trade-in allowance which included free appointments, repairs and adjustments to my changes in hearing. With my most recent set of hearing aids I hear sound the way it was before my hearing loss. These aids, via Bluetooth, allow me to stream sound directly into my ears from the cell phone, land line phone, television, MP3 player, computer, and iPad. With these advanced aids I can hear very well in a noisy environment such as a crowded room or restaurant. I am very grateful for the staff at Hearing Associates of Las Vegas as they have given me back quality of life.

-Gary G. in Las Vegas, NV