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Time to take control of my life again.

My tinnitus was controlling my life, holding me back from being able to function like a normal
human being. I had been to many different doctors, desperate to find help before I lost my
mind. My doctor referred me to Hearing Associates of Las Vegas where I met with Hearing
Specialist, Robyn Edgson. After a thorough evaluation, where she put me inside a sound proof
booth and tested my hearing, she explained in great detail what was happening, why it was
happening, and what she could do to help control it.

For the first time I felt like there was hope. She was patient and caring, sympathetic of what
I was going through. Her knowledge, understanding, and expertise was comforting to hear. I had
many questions and Robyn was patient with me and answered each and every one of them. I had never
had a practitioner spend as much time with me as she did. She had requested before I came in for my
evaluation that I bring my spouse with me. Since my tinnitus affects my moods and how I feel, that in turn
affects my relationships. I saw that by having him there he was my support system and we
learned what he could do to help. This was essential to my treatment. Robyn discussed in
such thorough detail the different treatment options that were available. She even
demonstrated them in the office during my visit. And for the first time in over 12 months I
actually felt relief from my tinnitus. I couldn’t believe it. Over the next few months things kept
getting better and better, I kept noticing the ringing in my ears less and less. I never would
have thought that treating my hearing loss would help manage my tinnitus. This whole
experience has been a roller coaster of emotion. It’s a daily battle to control my tinnitus and
thanks to Robyn I am winning that battle. Each day is better than the day before. I am grateful
for my doctor seeing the signs and knowing where to send me for help. I am grateful for my
hearing specialist Robyn Edgson and the knowledge and kindness and smile that she has each
and every time I see her. I feel like I have my life back again. If it had not been for my doctor
referring me to see Robyn, I don’t know where I would be today. Anyone with tinnitus and
looking for help, this is the place to go. Time to take control of your life back.

– Stacey C. Las Vegas NV.