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Former Football Player Discusses His Tinnitus Struggles

Last fall, hearing industry provider Ear-Q invited us to be their partner at the NFL Players Association meeting here in Las Vegas. Our job was to provide hearing screenings of former players and record the data as part of an ongoing study of players’ hearing health. During the session we  Read More »

Heart and Hearing Health

Put your heart where your hearing is! February is American Heart Health Month. You’re probably wondering why we in the ear business want you to be aware of healthy heart habits. AN NIH study points us straight to the answer. The study shows there is a 15% greater chance of  Read More »

Growing Up with Untreated Hearing Loss

Celeste Sampey grew up like most of us, a happy, healthy, active kid with a couple of siblings. But one thing was different. Unbeknownst to herself and her family, she has sensorineural hearing loss. That’s a common type of hearing loss that prohibits you from distinguishing certain sounds and making  Read More »

Stylish at Any Age

Patient Profile: Female, Professional, Active lifestyle, Style Maven and Hearing Impaired The profile of Dorrie Jacobson gets better and should be inspiring to anyone, perhaps even more so to those with hearing loss. Dorrie is 81 years old and a proud wearer of hearing aids provided by Robyn Edgson. She  Read More »