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Category: Hearing Aids

Updates In Hearing Aid Technology: Improvements With Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving and here at Hearing Associates of Las Vegas, we like to stay on top of all the cutting edge tech coming out. That way, we can offer the best service available to everyone who comes into our office. A new innovation in hearing aid  Read More »

5 Common Myths About Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss

We hear a lot of myths and misconceptions concerning hearing aids and hearing loss overall from our patients who visit Hearing Associates of Las Vegas. Some of these myths are silly, others are sad, but what they all have in common is that they are completely incorrect! Below are the  Read More »

Updates In Hearing Aid Tech: The Best Hearing Aids For Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is almost always accompanied with some level hearing loss. Even worse, as a person’s hearing loss progresses, their tinnitus will become more pronounced since there will be less outside audible sounds to combat the tinnitus. But thanks to updates in hearing aid technology, there are hearing aids which our  Read More »

Hearing Aids Save Lives

Dr. Dale Carrison is an emergency room physician at The University Medical Center here in Las Vegas. After serving in the Navy, a stint in law enforcement and working in the family business, Dale Carrison decided to go to medical school. The community of Las Vegas is better off for  Read More »

Hearing Loss Doesn’t Slow Zack Down

Check out Zack in action tearing up the park at Brian Head. He (and his grandpa) is a patient of ours. A high school student, Zack wears a single made for iPhone® hearing aid for his hearing loss. The hearing aid is paired with his phone so he can stream  Read More »

The Future of Hearing Aids

Lionel and I recently visited Starkey Hearing Technology headquarters to learn how hearing aids are made and about their ongoing research and development. Since joining the hearing industry more than a decade ago, I’ve seen tremendous technology gains that are more than just whistles and bells, but provide a true  Read More »

Improved Quality of life with Phonak Cros II Hearing Aid

In his mid-50s now, Mike McCranie claims the only thing that would make life a perfect 10 would be to have natural hearing again. But his quality of life rating of 9.5 with his new Phonak Cros II with Venture hearing instruments is pretty awesome. He’s worn hearing aids for  Read More »

Hassle-free Hearing Instruments

Many people steer clear of hearing instruments because of the so-called stigma attached to wearing them. In the past, when hearing instruments were bulky, less adaptive and very visibly obvious to outsiders, the stigma was real. But today, adaptive technology and teeny devices are available. One in particular is Phonak’s  Read More »

Introducing ReSound LiNX2

In 2014, hearing aid maker resound revolutionized the hearing aid experience with the introduction of LiNX™, the world’s first made for i-Phone® hearing aid. This year they made the platform even better, with exceptional sound quality, an even more discreet and sleek design, and easier connectivity. Check out this video  Read More »

ReSound LiNX at CES

One of the great things about Las Vegas is the annual Consumer Electronics Show. The world’s most innovative products are on display including the ReSound LiNX™ hearing device. One of our patients and LiNX wearer, Gary Gray, went to the show and visited with the ReSound team. You can see  Read More »