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Category: Hearing Loss

Rocker Loses Hearing

Fans of rock band AC/DC were thunderstruck by this bit of news: The remainder of their North American tour was cancelled. Doctors advised lead singer Brian Johnson to stop touring immediately or risk permanent deafness according to a press release from the band. The band had tour dates scheduled throughout  Read More »

Heart and Hearing Health

Put your heart where your hearing is! February is American Heart Health Month. You’re probably wondering why we in the ear business want you to be aware of healthy heart habits. AN NIH study points us straight to the answer. The study shows there is a 15% greater chance of  Read More »

Growing Up with Untreated Hearing Loss

Celeste Sampey grew up like most of us, a happy, healthy, active kid with a couple of siblings. But one thing was different. Unbeknownst to herself and her family, she has sensorineural hearing loss. That’s a common type of hearing loss that prohibits you from distinguishing certain sounds and making  Read More »

Stylish at Any Age

Patient Profile: Female, Professional, Active lifestyle, Style Maven and Hearing Impaired The profile of Dorrie Jacobson gets better and should be inspiring to anyone, perhaps even more so to those with hearing loss. Dorrie is 81 years old and a proud wearer of hearing aids provided by Robyn Edgson. She  Read More »

Amazing Mom and Athlete Regains Confidence through Better Hearing

On a slow day, Laura Picton-Hildreth converses with half a dozen administrators and board members. In her job managing the local school’s insurance program, she can’t afford to miss a detail. She’s responsible for protecting the school’s assets, and a serious mistake could be costly to school district. In her  Read More »

Local Veteran Receives Gift of Hearing

Hearing aids change the lives of thousands of Americans annually. Those who take the leap into wearing hearing devices realize the extent of all they’ve been missing once they try them out. We meet people regularly who have been leery of trying hearing devices for one reason or another. Through  Read More »

Driving with the Top Down: Sun Screen isn’t the Only Protection You Need

Hot summer days and the right set of wheels beg for a fast, open-air drive down the highway. And why not? With the wind blowing your hair amok, the sound of the road, your car and other cars making it impossible to talk – who would want to anyway –  Read More »

Diabetes and Hearing Loss

Diabetes and hearing loss are two leading health concerns today. Not surprisingly, many adults, especially older are afflicted with both. Recent studies show diabetics are twice as likely as non-diabetics to experience hearing loss while those with pre-diabetic symptoms show a 30% higher rate of hearing loss than those with  Read More »

Holiday Help for Hearing Loss

The holidays have a way of bringing families and friends together. For people with untreated hearing loss, holiday gatherings can be extremely difficult. With multiple loud conversations, kids playing, music, and the commotion that make up a big gathering, it is easier for one with a hearing loss to withdraw  Read More »

Common Excuses Hold You Back

Numerous studies link hearing loss to a variety of health issues like cardiovascular disease, brain tissue loss and sleep apnea, among others. There are other, less obvious, mental health issues linked to hearing loss that are frequently unrecognized or seen as independent from hearing issues: declining confidence, depression, and social  Read More »