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Don’t Let Tinnitus Get In The Way Of Your Las Vegas Retirement

You worked your whole life and earned the rest and relaxation which comes with retirement. But with retirement comes the quiet, slower paced life that tinnitus symptoms can overtake.

Here at the Hearing Associates of Las Vegas, we specialize in treating frustrating tinnitus symptoms along with our other hearing-related problems. We have helped thousands of Las Vegas and Henderson residents manage their tinnitus. Tinnitus no longer needs to interfere with your day-to-day activities.

What Might Trigger A Tinnitus Flare-Up In Las Vegas

  • Heavy traffic – As Las Vegas is a popular destination for visitors, heavy traffic is a regular occurance in certain areas of town. However, the harsh start/stop motion can jerk your head around and trigger a tinnitus flare-up.
  • Entertainment venues – There are many exciting performances to see when in Vegas, from concerts to the Cirque du Soleil. And do you know what most of these venues have in common? Loud events such as these are a common trigger for tinnitus symptoms.
  • Stress – If you’re in a situation where your heart rate is elevated or your nerves are on edge, stress can be a trigger for tinnitus symptoms. Sometimes our environment can be the cause – nervousness in crowds or foreign situations, struggling to hear others and worried about looking foolish in a conversation or at an event because you cannot hear what others are saying.

Potential Ways To Treat Your Tinnitus Symptoms

Whether your tinnitus presents with buzzing, ringing, hissing, clicking, or roaring sounds, there are some potential ways you can soothe your particular tinnitus symptoms.

  • Allow Yourself Some Peace and Quiet – When tinnitus symptoms become overwhelming, you need to give yourself a break and find a quiet place to allow the symptoms to calm down. An environment like our tinnitus relief studio is a great place to come and rest while you wait for your symptoms to dissipate.
  • Have Your Ears Cleaned – An excess of earwax can cause sounds to reverberate unnaturally in your ears, mimicking your tinnitus. If you have an excess of wax, be sure to have it professionally removed, as it can become impacted if prodded by a Q-tip.
  • Protect Your Ears – If you have plans to go somewhere that you expect a lot of noise, like a show on the strip, bring ear plugs! You’ll still be able to hear the show. But the noise travelling through your ears will be at a safer decibel.
  • Meet With A Tinnitus Expert – We can help you find immediate relief and help you find the right treatment for your particular symptoms.

Whether you need some time in our tinnitus relief studio or want help managing the long-term symptoms of your tinnitus, we are ready to help you. Contact us today and set up an appointment so you can begin to manage your tinnitus symptoms.