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Dr. Dale Talks Hearing

Dr. Carrison talks aboiut hearing and his own personal challenges.

Dr. Dale Carrison should have been cast as the most interesting man in the world. A self described late bloomer, as he became a doctor at age 51. He’s an emergency room doctor, instructor, mentor, medical director at Burning Man (yes, that Burning Man in the Nevada desert), former law enforcement officer, and grandpa. And that is only a partial resume. So interesting the Las Vegas review-Journal did a story on him which you can read here.

And we are very lucky to call him both a patient and a friend.  We are also very fortunate that he was willing to sit down with us for a few hours to talk about hearing, the importance of hearing protection and his own very personal journey with hearing loss that brought him to Hearing Associates of Las Vegas.

Below is some what he shared with us.

Dr. Dale Talks Hearing and Life with Hearing Aids


Dr. Dale Carrison knows first-handthat hearing aids save lives.Read about Dr. Dale’s Decision to treat his hearing loss.