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Hope for Tinnitus Sufferers

patient offers hope for others fighting tinnitus

Hearing Associates of Las Vegas provides hope for tinnitus sufferers.

Hopeless. That was how Grant was feeling when he first contacted us. Grant was enjoying the fruits of a well-earned retirement when a persistent ringing sound began in his ears. First for only a few minutes over a day or two. Eventually, he woke everyday to the sound of a high pitched hiss. He saw his doctor who prescribed steroids and later was referred to an ENT specialist to try allergy medications. Still no relief from the loud, unwanted noise in his head.

The ringing, called tinnitus was with him at all hours of the day, impacting the quality of his relationships and limiting his activity. For some, tinnitus can be an annoyance. A sound that one can learn to tune out and ignore. For others, tinnitus can be a heavy burden that makes them feel trapped and hopeless. In the case of Grant, he began to withdraw from those closest to him and stayed at home getting depressed.

Tinnitus Sound Therapy

Not easily deterred, Grant vigorously researched all treatment options. Intrigued by what he read about Neuromonics, his online research led him to us. Neuromonics looks like a personal music player, but actually provides specific tones to counteract the ringing sounds in the ears. “Robyn was the first person to give me hope,” says Grant. “She’s keenly compassionate.” In Grant’s case, we listened as he talked about his everyday struggles.

We scheduled Grant for a next day appointment. “Robyn is the most positive person. She took a real interest in my general health,” says Grant. “She was my port in the storm.” Within 3 days Grant had his Neuromonics device. Six months in to treatment, he noticed his first breakthrough. The tinnitus was not as loud and he was experiencing actual quiet days. Eight months in he reported 10 straight days without any symptoms. A little more than a year later he frequently goes long stretches without the debilitating ringing and hissing sounds.

There is no Tinnitus Pill

“I use my Neurmonics every morning when I wake up and during the night.” While there is very promising research being conducted throughout the world, the cause of the ringing is not fully known and therefore there is no cure for the symptoms. Grant uses a multi-modal approach to relieve the irritating symptoms. In addition to the sound therapy, he’s added other steps to his daily routine to help calm himself. He’s changed his diet—eliminating salt and caffeine and takes supplements. He’s also benefitted from seeing a professional therapist to help talk him through some of the emotions and other psychological issues tinnitus can impact.

Six tips for Tinnitus Sufferers

Grant uses the sound therapy to tune out the irritating sounds of tinnitus. He also offers these tips for anyone experiencing tinnitus.
• Learn to relax
• Take ownership of your recovery
• Don’t let it rule your life
• Never give up—work on it everyday
• As difficult as it is, you need to venture out and “take your life back.”
• Most importantly, find a committed provider that specializes in tinnitus treatment.
Grant wants others that are struggling to know there is hope for tinnitus. The process is not easy, and is just that, a process of tools and techniques to minimize the symptoms.

“Hearing Associates of Las Vegas is very passionate about helping tinnitus patients.” For that, Grant is grateful. Ironically, he sees the tinnitus as a blessing. “With tinnitus, the body is telling you something is wrong.” As a result it has changed his life and he is far healthier in body, mind and spirit.

For anyone experiencing a persistent ringing of the ears, do as Grant advises, take your life back and schedule a consultation. We have developed the first ever Tinnitus Relief Studio… a space designed to reduce anxiety patients often experience in order to demonstrate various therapies including Neuromonics. Remember, there is hope for tinnitus sufferers.

Editor’s note: Grant asked that we not use his real name. He is eager to share his experience, provide helpful tips, and offer hope for others, but he doesn’t want anyone to feel pity for him.