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Quality of Life

patient thank you cardRobyn, thank you for all that you do. Most importantly, thank you for giving me a better quality of life.

– Michael, Las Vegas

Listening to the Sounds of Nature

Hear the sounds of nature again.Just relaxing and listening to NATURE!!! What a wonderful sound. Birds chirping,wind blowing, kids are laughing,and so many other sounds in LIFE, that i had been missing. Tears in my eyes… Thank you for giving me back these most precious details of LIFE!!!!
— Kim S. in Las Vegas

I know there are many others like me out there.

I recently decided to seek some sort of relief for my tinnitus after 40+ years of suffering with it. My radically high-pitched ringing left ear is the result of heavy exposure to firearms, explosives, the front row of hundreds of concerts, a 10yr stint as a stagehand, working on Harley motors and tuning by ear, sub-zero temps, and a few other things that have played hell with my ears. I was directed toward Hearing Associates and went to meet with them for an initial consultation. (more…)

I became aware how hard my husband struggles to hear

The first time I met Robyn was about 2007 when my husband saw an ad in the paper that said a session in the booth was free—in order to have peace in the family my husband called for a session (he had hearing aides from another place that he hated and that he avoided wearing since retirement). He was told to bring his wife. That was the beginning of a great working relationship with Robyn who now has her own business, Hearing Associates. The inclusion of spouses in the diagnosis portion of the testing was so powerful for us: my husband became aware of how severe his hearing loss is and I became aware of how hard he struggles to hear. Almost like good marriage counseling!

Now, both of us have hearing aides—Robyn does more than that though—it is the constant service and attention to detail that makes hearing aides truly work for people like us and once you buy from Robyn, all that comes with the order! For years!

We recommend Robyn to all our friends—even though for us it is quite a drive, we would drive further—this is the place to come for the best hearing aide service in Vegas!

And yes, believe it or not, a session in the booth to test your hearing is free!

– Joan G in Las Vegas, NV

Always helpful, competent, and supportive.

I first met Robyn in 2007 when I got my first pair of hearing aids. She is now and always has been so helpful to me. Not only is she very competent, she is also supportive in helping me with my hearing loss. She keeps me up to date with new developments so I can “plan ahead” when I need to upgrade. And the best part of being a client of Hearing Associates is my appointments. When I visit with Robyn and her team – they are such fun people to be around!

– Carol Z. in Henderson, NV

Can’t hear? You need to meet Robyn!

Can’t hear? You need to experience Hearing Associates of Las Vegas! Robyn and Cathy are The Best! For your “Hearing Aids” you need to meet them.

– David M., in Las Vegas, NV

What a great experience

I enjoyed so much working with Robyn with my hearing needs. She took her time and explained all the technologies with me. It was a great experience.

– Katheryn F. in Henderson, NV

Wonderful and caring

Thank you for the wonderful and caring service.

– Sharon P. in Henderson , NV

Making a great decision

Several years ago I made a great decision to leave another hearing center from which I had purchased my first hearing aids. I was very fortunate to find Hearing Specialist Robyn Edgson of Hearing Associates of Las Vegas for several reasons. When I made my first appointment they asked me to have my spouse come with me. During the testing procedure my spouse was able to truly understand my frustration with hearing. As a result of testing, she for the first time acquired empathy for my hearing loss. Also, she let me try different hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers, giving me the freedom to make the best possible choice for my hearing needs. The office staff has always been easily accommodating for me when I needed an appointment for a follow up or a maintenance visit. The Specialists at Hearing Associates made certain that my aids were fitted properly and adjusted for my specific hearing loss. Today’s digital hearing aids require advanced technological knowledge. For this reason I continue to choose Hearing Associates for my hearing loss needs. They consistently acquire knowledge of the very latest advances within the field of advanced digital technology.

When I purchased my present hearing aids I was given a generous trade-in allowance which included free appointments, repairs and adjustments to my changes in hearing. With my most recent set of hearing aids I hear sound the way it was before my hearing loss. These aids, via Bluetooth, allow me to stream sound directly into my ears from the cell phone, land line phone, television, MP3 player, computer, and iPad. With these advanced aids I can hear very well in a noisy environment such as a crowded room or restaurant. I am very grateful for the staff at Hearing Associates of Las Vegas as they have given me back quality of life.

-Gary G. in Las Vegas, NV

Time to take control of my life again.

My tinnitus was controlling my life, holding me back from being able to function like a normal
human being. I had been to many different doctors, desperate to find help before I lost my
mind. My doctor referred me to Hearing Associates of Las Vegas where I met with Hearing
Specialist, Robyn Edgson. After a thorough evaluation, where she put me inside a sound proof
booth and tested my hearing, she explained in great detail what was happening, why it was
happening, and what she could do to help control it. (more…)

One of God’s angels.

Robyn you truly are one of God’s angels. The work that you do puts a smile on so many people’s faces. I don’t know if you even realize how special you are. I am blessed to know you and be a part of your journey.

– Pat W. in Las Vegas NV

I didn’t know hearing better could be so simple.

My new ReSound hearing aid does everything it claims to do. I can hear in a restaurant again, I can have a conversation with my wife while driving in the car, I can even hear her from another room in the house. All these years of wearing hearing aids, I did not know that hearing like I was 25 again was even possible. I don’t know why I waited so long to upgrade my hearing aids. Knowing now what I was missing out on, I wish that I would have done this sooner.

-Mark S. in Henderson NV

Courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable.

Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for helping me with my Phonak hearing aids. I am new in town and needed to find a new audiology practice. You and your staff were very courteous and helpful. Will be coming to you from now on.

-Jack J. in Las Vegas NV

Bringing my mom to Hearing Associates was the best decision we made all year.

I brought my mom in to see Robyn Edgson last week. It was a challenge for me to convince her to finally have her hearing tested. She is 84 years old and can be quite stuck in her ways at times! I knew I had one chance to bring her in before she changed her mind. Bringing her here was the best decision we ever made when it came to her hearing. Robyn was so patient and extremely thorough and gracious with her time that she spent with my mom. We had never had an experience like this before. The knowledge and expertise that Robyn has in her field is remarkable. (more…)

I love Robyn!

I love Robyn! She has been taking care of my hearing needs for a few years and I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!

-Celeste S. in Las Vegas, NV

Robyn is a true artist when it comes to better hearing!

It was clear from the moment I met Robyn she was passionate about her work.  She is steadfast in her conviction that patients will once again experience the sound of a loved ones voice, understanding each word…able to hear beautiful music as they once had.  It seems hearing aid technology is a Science and an Art.  Robyn is a true Artist.

-Jim P. in Henderson, NV

Feels like my own ears are working again!

I swear my own ears are working again. It is amazing what hearing aids sound like nowadays. I cannot go a day without them in my ears. Thank you to my neighbor for referring me in to see Robyn Edgson and her team. And thank you to the girls at Hearing Associates, without their hard work and patience I would be lost and lonely in a very quite world. #amazing #lovemynewears!

– Julie G. in Las Vegas, NV

A Happy Wife.

I feel like my husband is back to his old self again. I never would have imagined that hearing aids could help as much as they do. Robyn spent so much time with us in the beginning to help teach him how to hear again. She is always so kind and has so much patience with him. She even helped me with ways that I could help him as well. She takes the time and works with you until everything is just right. I have referred everyone I know who needs help with their hearing to go meet Robyn. You will not be disappointed!

– Mary S. in Las Vegas, NV

Grateful to actually be a part of the conversation again.

I absolutely love my hearing aids. They have given me back that part of my life. It’s wonderful to once again be able to take my wife to dinner at a public restaurant and enjoy a conversation with her. Or to be at a family dinner and actually be part of the conversation – not just sit there and watch everyone talk to each other having no idea what is being said by anyone. Before, the little bit I could hear was being drowned out by background noise. (more…)

Amazed by the new technology.

I have been a patient of Robyn’s since 2006. I cannot thank her enough for helping me with my hearing problems and getting my hearing to be near normal. I have Meniere’s Disease which affects my hearing and balance. The professionalism that Robyn and her staff have provided to me over the years, has been very encouraging and most helpful. My newest hearing aids are suburb and I am always amazed at all the new technology that is making my quality of life better.

– Marsha B. in Las Vegas, NV

I didn’t realize what I was missing.

Before hearing aids, I used to struggle with communication socially and at work. The pleasure of hearing the birds singing in the morning again is like a miracle I didn’t realize I had lost. Since purchasing my “new ears” I have regained more confidence, more energy, feeling completely alive again. Thank you to Robyn and her staff for always treating me like family.

– Marvin H. in Las Vegas, NV