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Tinnitus Facts

Tinnitus symptoms can make it hard to function day-t-day

Tinnitus is the sensation of ringing or whooshing in the ears. Most of us have experienced at one time or another, but for many it is a recurring issue.

The Centers for Disease Control has found:

  • 15% of Americans experience tinnitus symptoms
  • 20 million have chronic cases
  • 2 million suffer from debilitating cases

For those that experience regular symptoms it can be quite bothersome to the point of interfering with work, relationships and even sleep. Even more troubling is that with no known, cure many doctors provide little assistance for treatment.

What Causes Tinnitus?

Despite extensive research in to the field, the precise cause is not known. What we do know with 90% of chronic cases there is an underlying hearing loss at high frequencies (OHSU). We also know that there are more than 200 drugs known to cause tinnitus as a side effect when you either start or stop taking them.

There are several groups of people at higher risk for suffering tinnitus symptoms:

  • People who work around loud machinery
  • Musicians and music lovers
  • Hunters and gun enthusiasts
  • Senior citizens
  • Active and retired military. This has become the top service related disability of veterans of recent conflicts.
  • Cancer patients receiving chemo therapy

Other Important Tinnitus Facts

  • There is not one approved drug to treat tinnitus symptoms
  • Extensive research is being done to understand the cause and develop a cure

If you are among one of the 30% of people reporting tinnitus as a “moderate” to “very big” problem in your life, come talk with us. There are many effective treatment options available. Sometimes, all it takes is addressing the hearing loss that is present. For others sound therapies help relieve the symptoms and allow patients to retrain their brain as to how they deal with the constant uninvited ringing, clicking or whooshing. While we can’t cure the tinnitus, we can help you effectively manage your symptoms so that you better function at work and at home. Call us to make an appointment.


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