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Growing Up with Untreated Hearing Loss

Celeste Sampey grew up like most of us, a happy, healthy, active kid with a couple of siblings. But one thing was different. Unbeknownst to herself and her family, she has sensorineural hearing loss. That’s a common type of hearing loss that prohibits you from distinguishing certain sounds and making sense of what’s being said around you. It usually develops over time, but when she finally got treatment, Celeste’s audiologists linked her hearing loss to numerous fevers she’d had as a young child. She’d always felt she could hear just fine even though she had trouble making out a lot of words.

Celeste grew up with untreated hearing lossCeleste grew up in a household that she describes as being very loud. There were always people around, so perhaps she welcomed the peace of not hearing so well. She remembers turning the TV volume up very loud, but she and her family were unaware there was a hearing problem when they asked her to turn it down.

At age 25, shortly after the birth of her first child, her husband (lovingly) encouraged  her to have her hearing checked. To her surprise, a severe  hearing deficit was discovered. She had it treated immediately and heard somewhat better but was never quite satisfied with her hearing aids. Celeste is very active and needs hearing aids to keep up with her  fast paced lifestyle. Hers didn’t work so well when she was exercising, frequently providing intermittent hearing.

Celeste’s hearing experience drastically improved 5 years ago when she first met Robyn, now the owner of Hearing Associates of Las Vegas.  “Robyn took the time, was patient, asked a lot of questions, listened to me and then deciphered exactly what hearing devices I needed to fit my hearing loss and my lifestyle.” Celeste described the process as different from her previous experience with other providers who were only interested in selling her the latest product.  “Robyn discovered what I needed and fit me for it. Because she really cares about each and every patient, Robyn is the best there is!”  Celeste adds “I’ll never have anyone else fit me for hearing aids.”

After Robyn fit Celeste with appropriate hearing aids, she recalls being able to hear the sound of rain on the roof. Her relationship with her soft-spoken husband improved, and her general outlook on life improved because she was hearing things she’d missed most of her life.

If your spouse “lovingly” suggests you need to have your hearing checked, call Hearing Associates of Las Vegas to get a hearing assessment. At Hearing Associates of Las Vegas, we believe everybody deserves to live a full and complete life by hearing as well as they can.