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ReSound LiNX at CES

One of the great things about Las Vegas is the annual Consumer Electronics Show. The world’s most innovative products are on display including the ReSound LiNX™ hearing device. One of our patients and LiNX wearer, Gary Gray, went to the show and visited with the ReSound team. You can see him here in this video from the event.

Clarity, Comfort, Control. That’s what 70-year-old Gary Gray experiences with his ReSound LiNX™ hearing instruments. Now retired, Gary is certain his hearing troubles are rooted in his hunting days when he never considered protecting his ears from gunshots. Due to his noise induced hearing loss, Gary has been wearing hearing instruments for nearly 10 years.

When he fist started wearing hearing instruments he could barely make it through his 8 hour work day wearing his relatively bulky devices. Coming home he was ready to rip them out of his ears because they were so uncomfortable. He later moved into better hearing instruments that paired with Bluetooth devices. Gary was never too fond of the somewhat annoying dongle he had to wear around his neck in order to make them work. When the ReSound LiNX was introduced in 2014, the frustrated tech-savvy Gary was eager to try it out.

Gary was excited by the possibilities: a barely perceptible in-the-ear device that promised clarity, comfort and control. He was not disappointed. In fact, he claims he was immediately in love with the device… almost as quickly as his wife was. It was she who convinced him to make the final purchase.

  • Gary no longer asks her and others to repeat themselves
  • He hears everything around him more crisply and clearly
  • Gary says he feels like his hearing is back to what it was when he was a teenager

The ReSound LiNX brought Gary back into action and activity. Gary tells us the device immediately fit easily into his ear. No longer anxious to remove it, claiming he often forgets he is even wearing it. His paired iPhone allows him full control of how well he hears in changing environments. Unlike with past hearing devices that had him shuffling through paperwork, if there is ever a problem the LiNX owner’s manual is always on-hand in digital format on his iPhone. He advises hard-of-hearing non-techies to consider the ReSound LiNX, “It is really simple to use and adjust and is worth every bit of what it costs”.

Gary says “If you want someone who is completely sincere about helping you hear better to improve your life, visit Hearing Associates of Las Vegas.” According to Gary, “Robyn won’t try to sell you on anything. She is truly looking out for patients’ well being. She is really knowledgeable about technology and is eager to show you how devices can work best for you.” Now a longtime patient ours, Gary doesn’t plan to go anywhere else. Thank you for the kind words Gary!