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Stadium Noise Levels Reach Dangerous Levels

Stadium Induced Hearing Loss?

With football season comes bragging rights. A battle for bragging rights is getting nosier between football fans in Seattle and Kansas City. The Seattle Seahawks, known for their enthusiastic fans which they call the 12th man on the field, has lost the loudest fan record to the Kansas City Chiefs this week. During a recent  Monday Night Football game, the crowd cheering at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City was measured at 142 .2 decibels, beating Seattle’s record set just last year.

To give it a little perspective, a whisper registers at 20 dB, while sounds at 70 dB, such as a car passing close by at 65 mph, can become annoying or uncomfortable to the listener. Your kitchen garbage disposal registers 80 dB, which is twice as loud as the passing car, can do lasting damage to hearing after prolonged exposure. The crowd noise in Kansas City is as loud as the flight deck of an aircraft carrier! One difference however, is the crew on the flight deck is wearing hearing protection; fans, players and game officials most likely are not.

It’s not unusual to experience a ringing sensation known as tinnitus in your ears after being exposed loud noises. For many the ringing sensation never goes away and interferes with day-to- day living. Tinnitus can also signal an actual hearing loss too. Workers in noisy workplaces like machine operators, airport ground crews, and many construction jobs require hearing protection in order to protect against noice induced hearing loss. The stadium noise levels recorded at Arrowhead Stadium were like standing 100 yards behind a jet as it thrusts its engines during takeoff at McCarran Airport!

If you’ve spent time at loud events or at work, or you experience a ringing sensation in your ears after attending a sporting event, set an appointment to see us. We have custom hearing protection to protect your hearing and solutions if you’re experiencing tinnitus or hearing loss.