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Tinnitus Treatment


Tinnitus is a very common problem affecting nearly 50 million Americans. Thankfully, for most, it does not pose a significant problem; but for a small percentage, it is very invasive. Problem tinnitus (also known as ‘ringing in the ears’) is the frequent experience of bothersome sound that other people cannot hear. For individuals with problem tinnitus, it is perceived as a threat to their well-being. For these people, it interferes with their daily work and even with their sleep. Excessive exposure to loud noises, head and neck trauma, cardio vascular disease, jaw misalignment, medicine, and hearing loss are common factors that cause ear ringing or head noise. It’s best to consult with an expert than trying to cope. Click here to learn about different treatment options.


Hyperacusis is the condition in which ordinary sounds seem unpleasantly loud or painful. Often associated with tinnitus, hyperacusis can be experienced by itself. In both cases, the cause may be an excessive responsiveness of the central auditory system. Hyperacusis can be equally disruptive to day to day functioning.  It can affect both children and adults.  Exposure to loud noises such as rock concerts, gunfire, loud work environments, fireworks and air bag deployment in cars can all be causes of hyperacusis.

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