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Common Excuses Hold You Back

Numerous studies link hearing loss to a variety of health issues like cardiovascular disease, brain tissue loss and sleep apnea, among others. There are other, less obvious, mental health issues linked to hearing loss that are frequently unrecognized or seen as independent from hearing issues: declining confidence, depression, and social isolation. These issues, if left untended, cause big problems for people with hearing loss and those in their family, social and professional circles.

There are many reasons people are reluctant to seek treatment for hearing loss. Meanwhile, the degree of loss worsens and spirals into a host of other problems. Here are common reasons people tell me why they delayed treating their hearing:

  • People will think, “I’m getting old!”
  • Hearing aids won’t help me.
  • Hearing loss is just a part of normal aging for which nothing can help.
  • Hearing aids are too expensive.

Now let’s take a closer look at those common excuses.

  • Others may see you as getting old if you’re not participating in or withdrawing from conversations. They may not recognize your lack of participation is due to hearing loss. Hearing technology has advanced so much that hearing aids are miniscule with a hi-tech appearance or even invisible (Lyric). Most people won’t even notice you are wearing hearing aids, but they do notice when you pull back from social situations or regularly misinterpret everyday conversations.
  • Hearing loss comes in different types and degrees. Once your type and degree of hearing loss is determined, there are many choices specific to your hearing loss, whether you lead a very active or a quieter lifestyle.
  • It is true that people can expect some degree of hearing loss as they age. But most people with hearing loss are actually below retirement age. Hearing loss is cumulative and exposure to loud noises that damage hearing can occur at any age. It’s possible to experience hearing loss at a relatively young age (headphones and concerts come to mind). Many hearing solutions exist to combat your hearing loss no matter your age. With greater connectivity like the ReSound LiNX™ you can manage your hearing experience with your iPhone!
  • The cost of hearing aids varies greatly. Your cost will be up to you and depends on your lifestyle, your expectations and your budget. We can find a solution to work with any budget.

Don’t let your hearing spiral into depression, declining confidence and social isolation. Medical research shows that those who address hearing loss are more likely to be socially active—while individuals who suffer untreated hearing loss become more socially withdrawn and are considerably less likely to participate in social activities.

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